Philly blows Toronto out of the water in a huge win!

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Friday, May 3, 2019

Toronto is panicked as they drop 2-1 to Philadelphia.

I'm at a loss for I'm not but I am confused. I'm confused how the second best team in the league can get blown out( in a game)  in the second round of the playoffs. The Sixers now have a 2-1 lead over Toronto and still have one more game to play in Philadelphia before heading back to Toronto on Tuesday. After watching this game, you can see why all Raptors’ starters were in the minus. The Drake curse is still active!


(Jump Ball)


The first quarter started with Siakam stealing the ball from fellow Cameroonian, Joel Embiid.  It was off to the races only for Lowry to miss the driving layup, and then Kawhi. Lowry did not have a great game. In thirty-seven minutes of play he put up 7 pts, 5 reb, 5 ast, 2 to, 4 personal fouls and went 0/4 from beyond the arc. He scor d his first point at the charity stripe at 6:24 to play in the second frame. This wasn't as bad as round one game one Kyle who had zero points. Nonetheless it were a bad game for the leader and backbone of the Toronto Raptors.


Kawhi Leonard on the other hand had a good game. He put up Toronto's first 7 pts and was consistent (as usual) throughout the game. Mind you, he turned the ball over five times but I think that were because he was frustrated with the team and he let it get the best of him. Leonard put up 33 pts.


Fun Fact: Leonard is second in the league in points per game in the Playoffs with 31.3. Kevin Durant is ahead of him averaging 34.3 ppg.


Mike Scott checks into the game for the first time this series as he was nursing a heel contusion. Mike Scott does it all. He can knock down a mid-range  jumper, throw down a slam, or even a deep three. A deep three is exactly what he did to get his first points of the series to push the Sixers to a four point lead.


It was interesting to see that Joel Embiid wasn't covering Pascal Siakam but Tobias Harris . It was a smart move played by coach Brett Brown. Harris kept Siakam to 20 pts and a +/- of -18.


Toronto fans could only wish their coaching  staff had thought of that first and beat Philly to the punch. In the second quarter Ben Simmons had fallen under the net and Lowry were backing up due to lost balance. Simmons elbowed Lowry in the groin quite obviously and didn't get called for it. Lowry noticeably furious that there were no call. I used to like Simmons..before he did that. That's a type of dirty basketball that isn't respected.


The superstar(s) in this game had to be wearing blue and white. Joel Embiid and Jimmy Butler stole the show. Butler's point contribution wasn't out of this world but he were one reb and one ast shy of a triple double and just played phenomenally all around. Butler had 22 pts, 9 ast


Fun Fact: This is the first time Kyle Lowry has played his hometown in the Playoffs. His whole family were there to show support.


The Sixers outscored Toronto in the 4th quarter, 27-14. They started the final 12:00 minutes by going on a 11-0 run. This isn't looking good for Toronto. Game 4 will be this coming Sunday , May 5th at 3:30 p.m.


Philadelphia 116-95 Toronto