One more win and the Raptors are the 2019 NBA Champions!

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Saturday, June 8, 2019

This was a team effort and you could see everyone poured their heart out onto the floor.

Wow! What an amazing game to witness last night at Oracle Arena in Oakland. The Toronto Raptors won game four of the NBA Finals and are now only one way to winning their first title! This is huge for fans everywhere, even if you do not like the Raptors, you have to be impressed by their playing ability. They were the better team last night and everyone knew it, even Draymond Green. Still no Kevin Durant and still no OG Anunoby but shout out to Snoop Dogg who was at the game. Alongside, Odell Beckham Jr.


(Jump Ball)


Although the first quarter was slow for both teams, Klay Thompson who was out in game three comes back and just as we thought came in hot. He had a team high 28 pts, going  11/18 from the field. That left hamstring injury he had- it’s like nothing happened. The Raptors didn’t get on the board until Siakam hit a free throw (1 of 2). They started 1 of 7 to start the game. This wasn’t looking good for Raps fans but that would soon change.


Kevon Looney would check in during the six minute mark. For having a shoulder injury , he had a good game. In his first possession he was on the receiving end of an alley-oop from Green. Looney came off the bench and played twenty minutes contributing 10 pts.


Golden State would keep the lead until the 3rd quarter where Toronto outscored them 36-21. For the league's best 3rd quarter team (Warriors) to fall to the league’s worst (Toronto) in the 3rd, that’s when you could see the ever so composed Steph Curry start to lose it.


Kawhi who is coming off a 30 pt game in game three had yet another 30 pt + game in game four.  Leonard put up a game high 36 pts and 12 reb. Of those 36 pts was a corner three in the first quarter that kept Toronto close to the Warriors because if you let these Warriors get too far ahead- that could be a disaster.


Fun Fact: Kawhi Leonard is the leader in 30-point games in these 2019 Playoffs with 14! Following Leonard is Steph Curry with 9. MVP? I think so.


I’d like to talk about the referees for a moment. I do not know what they are doing!  The inconsistency of these refs in the Playoffs are literally unbelievable. For both teams, in game 2 Kawhi clearly double dribbled across centre court and not nothing was called. Last night, Draymond Green when inbounding the ball still had one leg out of bounds-no call, when Andrew Bogut quite obviously pushed Siakam-no call and Siakam stayed down for a while. I like the physicality of the game but I don’t like the bad calls and the inconsistency. There was a moment in the 3rd quarter when Igoudoula basically bear hugged VanVleet and there was no call. I hope next year for Vince Carter’s last year in the NBA, they fix the referee problem.


Serge Ibaka was a beast on the floor!  Coming off the bench he had 20 pts, 2 blocks, going 9/2 from the field. He has been key for Toronto the past two games and he continued to be that guy they could depend on. Ibaka made his first of the series as soon as he checks into the game at 4:29 in the 3rd frame, giving them the momentum to extend the lead. Serge Ibaka went to the NBA finals back in 2012 with the Oklahoma City Thunder only to fall short to the Miami Heat, 4-1.  So to be this close to taking it must mean a lot to Serge. He is the first player since Ray Allen with 20+pts off the bench in an NBA Finals road game.


Both teams will travel North on Monday to free healthcare, that of which Drake has offered to VanVleet to fix his teeth, and will play game 5 with hopes to finish the series and hoist that trophy high . The Larry O’Brien trophy is already showcased in Toronto...I think that’s a sign. History will go down on Monday so make sure your phone is charged and you’re with people you love because this is going to be huge! Tip off is at 9:00 p.m.


Toronto 105-92 Warriors