Oh Canada! Our home and native team!

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Thursday, June 6, 2019

The Toronto Raptors take home a well deserved win in game 3, leading the series 2-1.

How many times can you hear "Let's go Raptors" before getting annoyed?  I can tell you if the Raps win two more games, you will be hearing that for the next year , so if this isn't for you, I'd go grab some earplugs.  The Raptors have never made the Finals and the (21st century Warriors) have won it three times already. Before last night the odds were against the Raptors but not anymore! With Looney, Durant and Thompson out for Golden State, this was Toronto's golden opportunity to get the road win they needed.  Still no OG Anunoby for Toronto.


(Jump Ball)


Marc Gasol was the leader to start off the game. Although he made his first three pointer with fifty-six seconds left in the game, it didn't matter. He had 17 pts and 7 reb and played consistent and consistency was what Toronto was missing last year.


Another player who was hot from the jump was Steph Curry. Curry wasn't feeling well in game 2 hence his early struggles but was back to his old self in game 3. It didn't make a big difference as Toronto led the whole game(except for a split moment in the first).  Steph put up a game high and playoff career high 47 pts! All he really needed was for Klay Thompson to put up a few three pointers and it would have been a nail biter.


Speaking of three pointers- Danny "Money" Green showed up! After not being a big contributor in the few three rounds of the postseason, he definitely shined last night. I think this was a very important game for him to do so. I think we can all forget about the games where he started and put up 0 pts because this one mattered most. Not only was Green draining threes but he was blocking and stealing too.


Fun Fact: Danny Green is #9 in career three-pointers made in the NBA Finals. Tying Michael Jordan & Manu Ginaobli with 42! My guess is he will make top 5 by the end of the finals and beating Robert Horry’s 56.


The Raptors would outscore the Warriors 36-29 and that was somehting Steph Curry made sure to adderss. It's not something he is proud of and says the team needs to ensure it doesnt happen in the following games.


Don’t go too far as the Warriors will host again on Friday with tip off at 9:00 p.m for game 4. There is speculation that Thompson will return but no word on Durant or Looney just yet. If the Raptors played just like they did in game 3 , I have confidence they can take game 4. Let’s not forget these Warriors are just that and I don’t think Klay Thompson appreciates Drake’s post about him staying “golden” via his instagram story.


Toronto 123-1109 Golden State