Nothin’ But Net For The Raps As They Have Won 6 Of Their Last 7 Games!!

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Saturday, January 12, 2019

Can You Smell It? That’s The 2019 NBA Finls Coming To Toronto.

”Great team, great organization..I felt it was a great fit for me”. Well that’s great you think that Patrick McCaw because you’re here! At least for a year anyway. McCaw signed a 1-year $786,211 deal with Toronto Thursday.  He went from being a back to back champion with Golden State, to the Cavs who are totally tanking it this year, to the best team in the league.McCaw didn’t participate in tonight’s game but am very excited to see what he adds to the second line.

Raptors are 3-0 on this three game home stretch and have won six straight at home vs the Nets, but I couldn’t count them out just yet, after all Toronto did lose to Brooklyn in their last meeting.

(Jump Ball)

Toronto gets off to a good start going 5-0 until D’Angelo Russell gets a second chance three and then hits another. You do not want this guy to get going or else it’s done for his opponent. But, you then have to factor in Kawhi Leonard who, for the Raptors scored four straight buckets before Nets’ coach Kenny Atkins felt  the need to call a timeout.

I didn’t think this game would be this exciting but I’m down with it. Each team wasn’t letting the other get ahead by more than a few points. Russell hits a jumper over “ma fuzzy avec classe” aka Serge Ibaka. It’s like he has something against Toronto because every match up vs one another , he plays fantastic. Russell put up a game high 24 pts, 9 ast & 6 reb.

Thanks to a deep three from Danny Green , Raptors were up by 7 pts and at that point the largest lead of the game. It didn’t stop there though., that’s just where the Raptors started to take no mercy.

You know who Kawhi reminds me of? A mix of the Hulk and Ant Man.  Big broad powerful shoulders that can take immense amount of physicality as we can see Kawhi getting pushed around by Ed Davis but on the other hand teeny tiny legs like Ant Man would have. My point is Kawhi is a tough player and will do anything to get to the basket. That’s why he had a team high 20 pts & 11reb.

Fun Fact : Kawhi has extended his streak of 20pts + per game to 18 consecutive games! Don’t forget to vote for your Raptors to send them to the 2019 NBA All Star weekend in Charlotte and don’t forget to send your favourite Raptors reporter (me) to the game as well!  You can just email the NBA and let them know I should be going to the All-Star weekend.

OG goes coast to coast extending the Raptors lead to 91-74 and oh my if this team has every looked like a playoff team it was in the last minute  of play in the 3rd frame. Toronto allowed 35 points in the 1st quarter but since only 42 pts in the 2nd and 3rd quarter combined!

Moose let loose in the 4th and it was really nice to see him shine. Since he got to Toronto he has been quiet but I see him getting more comfortable and being that guy he was in previous years. Monroe finished with 10 pts, 2 ast & 8 reb.

Birthday boy Chris Boucher checks in for Moose and we could only hope he would pull up and hit a three pointer then just shrug it off- but we just weren’t lucky enough to witness that . Instead we saw the Nets’ go on a 14-0 run and scare Toronto back into working a little harder and that they did.

Toronto had eight (five off the bench) players in double digits which is good sign and surefire way to instil some fear into their upcoming opponents.

The Washington Wizards welcome the Raptors Sunday for a tip off st 1:00pm. If you follow Toronto ball, you know that in the past the Raptors have had a difficult time getting passed the Wizards and the constant eastern conference matchup is nothing new but this time around especially without star John Wall I’m predicting this be a breeze for the Toronto Raptors.

Raptors 122-105 Nets