Nothin’ But Net For Kawhi And His Raptors

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Monday, February 11, 2019

Toronto Is Now 23-5 At Home & Show No Signs Of Slowing

Make way for Spain’s finest Centre, Marc Gasol, who is playing his first home game as a Toronto Raptor. It was all warm welcomes and excitements in the crowd. This is the first of Toronto’s seven straight home games. It stretches all the way to March 1st. So if there is any time to go on a winning streak, it is NOW! No Fred Van Vleet as he is out with a sore thumb from Saturday’s game.

(Jump Ball)

Joe Harris quickly hits a treyball, like within seconds of the jump then later hits one steps within the arc. Harris has a new career high I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.. where you stand means nothing in this league except for making franchise records. A last place team can be a very big problem for a first place.

Kawhi turns the ball over before taking a break and walking towards his bench. But MaCaw and Leonard led the raps in pts in the first 12:00 with 6pts(Leonard) & 5 pts(McCaw). Oh my lord… ex Raptor Ed Davis muscles his way over Marc Gasol to get the bucket and give the Net’s a 29-21 lead after the first break. I mean with 6 turnover thus far, it made sense. Gasol finished with 16 pts in his home debut.

It wasn’t looking great in the 2nd as Danny Green picks up his second foul sending 1st time all star “D-Loading” to the line.I’ve mentioned this before, that D’Angelo Russell has something against Toronto because he always go hard against them. And, this game is no exception. Russell knocks down a team high 28 pts, 14 reb & 7 ast.

Fun Fact:  Nets’ head coach Kenny Atkinson has never won in Toronto...guess he will have to wait until next season to change that.

It was nice to see Patrick McCaw step into the court before the 3rd quarter. Even though Toronto legged behind the Net’s they were playing very well. McCaw is getting more and more used to this team after spending two years in Golden State. McCaw finished with a season high 13 pts.

OG Anunoby come out with the putback and then steals the ball to get the lay-up tying the game at 92 with only one frame left to play.

Just when you think Toronto had thing in the bag being up 117-109 with 3:56 to play until that horn sounds- here come the Net’s going on a 16-10 run. If it weren't for Kawhi hitting the game winning shot this game would have gone into overtime and you’d have to stay up another 5 minutes reading, even though we know you have to wake up at the crack of dawn.

Let’s break down the last minute of play. Nick Nurse calls a time out as they are down 3pts and need to pull off this win. Lowry inbounds the ball then Toronto plays hot potato landing the ball in Greens hands who drains it all the way from North Bay, tying it at 125. Harris then misses to jumper at the top of the key to then have Lowry walk the ball up and give all hope to Mr. Leonard. Which was obviously a fantastic idea because Kawhi banks of off the glass and calls game!!

It’s interesting that the Net’s remained so close to the lead because they had three players sitting out, ( Demarre Carroll, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Jared Dudley). Imagine if these three players played.

Aldo a huge round of applause goes to Chris Boucher for signing to the NBA. He is officially a committed Raptor!

Toronto 127-125 Brooklyn