NBA All-Star Weekend Was Exactly All It Were Hyped Up To Be!

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Monday, February 18, 2019

Team Giannis against Team Lebron- Who You Got?

After all the goofing around this weekend with the celebrity all star game and rising stars challenge on Friday then the skills,3 point and dunk competition Saturday, it’s time to down to business and be serious..yeah right!  I’m just joking. Sunday nights all star game will be just as fun and entertaining. It’s team Lebron vs team Antetokounmpo in Charlotte.

This has been a really fun All-Star weekend. I think my favourite part were the dunk contest. Hamidou Diallo of the Oklahoma City Thunder took home the hardware and respectfully so. It came down to him and Dennis Smith Jr. who has showcased his dunk talents in games throughout the year. I think the nerves may have got to him because on every single one of his dunk attempts in both rounds, he didn’t t get it in until at least the third try. I’m happy Diallo won.  I was really hoping this wasn’t a repeat of the 2016 All-Star weekend in Toronto when Aaron Gordon got robbed by Zach Lavine. I am still bitter about that and until they go back and at least give Gordon a participation ribbon, I’ll continue to be upset.

The night started off with the skills competition and participants  were quick to realize that if you shoot from centre court, that counts as a 3-pointer. The first to sink a half court shot (from the logo)  and move onto the next round where Trey Young sunk it before De’Aaron Fox. Then in the final round it were Trey Young and Jayson Tatum facing off and ironically enough Tatum who was quite behind Young shot from half court and won it! Congratulations to the Boston Celtic.

Up next were the three point competition that had about, if I were to shout out a number atop of my head-  I’d say 300 shooters but it were actually 10. I think the big news were that both Curry brothers were competing with bigger surprise father Dell Curry had his own three point competition with a few of his old buddies including Ray Allen. The shootout were for charity.  Before the game Dell was asked who he thought would win and he said” Seth, because Stephen already has so much , it's Seth’s turn to win something”. To me, that seemed like a dig but I doubt it! Seth didn’t make it past the first round and Steph didn’t win- Joe Harris of the Brooklyn Nets won.

Let’s get to the KIA All-Star game.

(Jump Ball)

This All-Star game had made a record with the most made three pointers with 62 made. Team Giannis was in the lead the whole game- up until Karl Anthony-Towns tied the game at 153 with 7:05 to play in the 4th and then Bradley Beal with the dunk to finally take the lead. From that moment on, Team Lebron ran with the lead and wouldn’t look back.

In the 1st quarter, Giannis hail married the ball to Nikola Jokic for a nice two handed flush. It was fun to watch these All-Stars play with one another. It’s crazy to see how much talent is in the league this year. I was watching the 1997 All-Star game today  and the way the game has transformed is absolutely amazing! The skill required to be invited to this weekend is outrageous!

There was a play in the 2nd when Curry bounced the ball over Durant just for Antetokounmpo to slam it down with one hand. Like I said the talent in this game is crazy! I didn’t think Team Giannis had a good chance to win this. I thought Curry looked like he were playing with his older brothers vs a super athletic versatile team but proved me wrong. This is what this weekend is all about- having fun and getting buckets!

Let’s give it up for Kevin Durant who won his second All-Star MVP putting up 31 pts & 7 reb. If this man leaves Golden State next year I cannot wait to see where he ends up because wherever he goes, I’m there! The high scorer for Team Giannis were  “The Greek Freak” himself with a game high 38 pts, 11 reb & 7 ast.

My favourite part of the game was when Steph Curry went up for a reverse dunk. It’s special when you don’t see that often. As hard as they tried they couldn’t take this one..maybe next year Giannis! Everyone gets a break until Thursday when the Suns play the Cavs and the Heat play the 76ers at 7:00pm.

All in all this was such a fun weekend and I think everyone from players to fans had a great time. Next year will be in Chicago- and you already know that’s going to be a good time!

Team Lebron 178-164 Team Giannis