Miami will disrupt Toronto's perfect home record this season but have to shake it off as they face the Rockets on Thursday

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Just a little bump in the road for the Raptors

First off, welcome back Kyle Lowry. He has been out the last 11 games due to a hand injury But was all smiles when he hit the court tonight. Sunday night when Toronto welcomed the Jazz, it was Serge who came back and helped his team make history by having a franchise high of being up 40 pts at the half. Much like Ibaka, Lowry took some time to get into the swing of things but finally put numbers on the board with 3:40 left to play in the first half. Better late than never right? Lowry would finish with 12 pts and 11 ast.


The Heat led the first quarter into the dying minutes going on a 13-4 run ending 9 pts ahead of Toronto.


Jimmy “Buckets’’ Butler would lead the heat in points putting up an outstanding 22 pts, 12 ast and 14 reb! He was everywhere and it brought you back to last year during the playoffs when he was with Philadelphia and what a true leader he is.


Fun fact: Tyler Herro, a rookie from Kentucky made history in Miami being the youngest starter at the age of 19. He’s actually started 3 games so far this season.


 Speaking of rookies on the Miami Heat. Kendrick Nunn said “stop that” when referring to jam rant already taking home the Roty award. Nun is averaging 16.9 pts ppg, while mordant is averaging 18.6 and shooting over 45%. That’s not much of a difference but Morant is just so flashy and looks so dang good while doing it.


With just under one minute left out the 4th quarter Toronto is down 107-105 and Lowry passes Norman Powell the ball in front of the Heat bench and drains the three ball giving them the lead. Powell would finish with 23 pts. Unfortunately that was Toronto’s last piece of energy while Miami kept on going and went on a 15 -5 run to end the game. Toronto could had had this! They would lead four times throughout this game but each time Miami had an answer.


Raps are now 15-5 to start the season a still a very very good start, and if they all continue to play this well, even the players coming off the bench- Toronto will still be a very intimidating team in the East. The Raps stay cozy and welcome James Harden and his Rockets Thursday with tip off at 7:30 pm.


Miami 121-110 Toronto