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Friday, May 24, 2019

New dad, Fred Van Vleet shines in game 5 of the Eastern Conference Final


What an amazing game 5! These two teams put their hearts on the line and was it ever fun to watch. There was a little switch up in the lineup for the Bucks. Mike Budenholzer had the genius idea to start Brogdon because of his impressive play the past few games and it it paid off. Gasol didn’t have a great start to the game so I was getting frustrated because I think Ibaka deserves the start but Gasol did eventually warm up.i do have to say congratulations to new dad Fred Van Vleet Sr.


(Jump Ball)


The Bucks’ gain possession and Leonard fouls Antetokounmpo sending him to the line where he would miss both free throws. I don't know, can you be a MVP if you aren't even able to sink two free throws? What the Bucks’ (specifically Brogdon and Bledsoe) could do were put up jumpers. Milwaukee went on a 5-0 run to start the game before Kawhi silenced the crowd with a deep three. Antetokounmpo had a good game. On and off again. He threw down a few times but also missed a few dunks. He finished with 24 pts, 6 ast and 6 reb.


Just two minutes into the opening quarter, Lopez draws the foul on Siakam sending him to the bench because that would be his second and here comes Norman Powell. Gosh, I love this guys. I knew he would show up in the postseason. Norm would break the dry spell for Toronto sinking one of two from the line after not scoring in over two minutes. 9-0 run for the Bucks. Powell contributed twenty-three minutes, 8 pts and 4 reb.


The second quarter is where the Raptors found their mojo and the Bucks lost theirs. Toronto would catch up and Lowry would give them their first lead of the game at 5:09 to play in the first half, 36-34. Both Lowry and Leonard got into foul trouble in the third quarter with three each but both continued to play. Raptors continued to fall behind the Bucks in the third quarter. Trailing by double digits for the second time in this game.


Fun Fact: Milwaukee only has one player with playoff experience and that’s George Hill.


Giannis checks back in with under two minutes to play in the third quarter with hopes to extend the lead so they can get back to Toronto and put this to bed. Toronto had other plans and by “Toronto”, I mean Fred Van Vleet. He went off and honestly without him, I’m not confident Toronto would have stayed in it. Gasol made his first basket (3) of the night late in the 4th. Giannis then hit a deep deep three to bring it to a one possession game and then Lopez hit an even deeper three to tie the game up at 93.


That last minute had me really stressed. It was a one possession game until thirty seconds to play but it’s final now! Toronto took this game with a 6 pt buffer and head home to hopefully take the series in 6 games Saturday. Tip off is at 8:30 p.m. Make sure you get your tickets or head down to Jurassic Park because you won’t want to miss the chance to be a part of history.


Toronto 105-99 Milwaukee