It’s Raining Three’s..Hallelujah! A Blowout For Toronto Is Exactly What They Needed!

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Sunday, January 20, 2019

Toronto Beats Memphis With Almost 30 Pts!

The Memphis Grizzlies are in town for their second and final meeting.Toronto won back in November and were looking to to sweep them this season.  Memphis started the season hot but is slowly declining but as you saw with Phoenix and Atlanta, that doesn’t mean you should count them out just yet. Again, no Kawhi as he is resting and no OG.

(Jump Ball)

It takes a few minutes for points to be put on the board. Eventually Ibaka snuck behind Memphis’ defence and put up a bucket. The Grizzlies soon catch up and tie the game at 14 a piece. Miles checks into the game and it’s nice to see Coach Nice Nurse continuing to give him a chance and have confidence in him. Miles finished with another 13 pts. Raptors not too far ahead 23-19 after the first frame.

Four of the five starters all finished in the double digits, all putting up more than 10 pts. All though it were a blow out- no one had James Harden numbers. The Ball was shared quite a bit. Danny Green had a game high 24 pts all of which from beyond the arch. I’m saying every shot he put up we’re 3 pointers! He went 8/12 which is a pretty statistic if you ask me! Green also beat his season high! Congrats Danny G!

Fun Fact: The Memphis Grizzlies were once the Vancouver Grizzlies who much like Toronto debuted in 1995. The Grizzlies moved down to Memphis in 2001.

The Grizzlies kept up with the Raptors until the half, 55-48 but would soon all go downhill as they would only put up 14 pts in the whole 3rd quarter and that is where they went wrong. Danny Green outscored the whole Memphis team in the 3rd where the Raps will pick up their largest lead!

Fun Fact: Before this game these two teams were all-time tied at 26-26 but now Toronto has one up on them, 27-26.

Let’s talk about Pascal Siakam again. He put up 17 pts & 8 reb and is still going strong toward this MIP award. He is so versatile and can adapt to any position and any situation. I think he is more consistent than DeRozan was and I’m confident going into the playoffs with Siakam on the court.

This was a blowout for Toronto and they needed this! They were having too many close calls in the past few teams vs teams that shouldnt’ve been close. Statisctally speaking.

Another break for Toronto as they don’t play until Tuesday when the the Sacramento Kings come to town. Toronto will stay home and enjoy this beautiful snowstorm whether it be watching movies inside or going toboggining with their kids. Tip off is at 7:00pm.

Toronto 119-90 Memphis