I could make a joke about luck but the fact is, the Raptors lost to the Celtics

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Saturday, October 26, 2019

It was a hard fought game with impressive numbers but Boston got their first win of the season.

Game two of eighty-two and much like myself many thought the Raptors were going to continue this win streak. Game 1 was close and this game was close as even though the Raps came up short. This doesn’t mean the Raptors are any weaker than they were in June though. Toronto visited the Boston Celtics at TD Garden Friday night. This is the first game against Boston since the Kyrie trade went down.  


Now Boston did play very well. Maybe, it was due to the fact that their locker room is finally  new and updated. Whatever it was, it worked! Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum both had a team high 25 pts and Kemba Walker followed closely behind with 22 pts and 6 ast. This is Kemba’s first year as a Celtic. Back in Charlotte(2018-2019), he averaged 25.6 ppg and 5.9 ast.


Fun Fact:Kemba was drafted into the NBA by the Charlotte Hornets, formally known as the Bobcats in 2011. Making Boston his second team in the league.


Kyle Lowry had a great game with 29 pts and 7 ast including a deep pass all the way from inside the arc to deliver an alley-oop to Siakam. 


There were twenty-one led changes in this game and if you see the pattern throughout the quarters, you can’t help but think- if given a little bit more time, could the Raptors have taken it? Toronto was up at the start of the 4th quarter but couldn’t keep up.


Toronto doesn’t have much of a rest as they head to Chicago Saturday night where they will face Lauri Markkanen and the Bulls. The Bull’s haven’t really been hot since..well, Michael Jordan but who knows, maybe this year will be different. Tip off s at 8:00 pm.


Celtics 112-106 Raptors