Happy Chinese New Year To All Around The League

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Toronto Takes Their Second Win Of The Month Going 2-0

It’s the year of the pig and it’s been said “in order to bring as much good luck as possible to your year, it’s a good idea to attend happy events such as weddings or family gatherings” or basketball games! So looking at the records of these two teams, it doesn’t seem that they are too different from one another, number wise. Toronto’s record is 38-16 while Philadelphia’s record is 34-19.  Before tip off Philly was 3.5 games behind Toronto, now they are 6. No JJ Reddick for the Sixers.

(Jump Ball)

I’d like to start by pointing out how key Serge Ibaka is to this Toronto team.
In Sunday’s game vs the Clippers he put up 16pts & 12reb and he does that consistently! It was Ibaka vs Embiid for the jump and the 2019 All-Star won but that didn’t mean much seeing as Toronto outscored Philly 40-28 in the 1st quarter alone.

Fun Fact: Danny Green will be participating in this years 2019 Mountain Dew 3- Point contest. His company includes the Curry Brothers, Dirk Nowitzki, Kemp’s Walker and others.

Kawhi is in this one putting up a fight as he has this season vs the 76ers. He is averaging 33.5 ppg. Leonard gets a bucket to go when matched up with Simmons in the 1st and there he goes having another 20+ pt game. He finishes with 24 pts, 3 ast & 7 reb. Okay this is good. They are looking more like their November 2018 selves again. Toronto has won out of their last 11 of 16 games before this one.

Powell, Van Vleet, Wright, Anunoby join Ibaka on the court looking to keep this lead up through the 2nd quarter. OG and Jimmy Butler take a spill but also take a moment to catch their breath as they lay on the court laughing. Kawhi shortly after gets sent to the line and hits both shots giving the Raptors their biggest lead of the game with 19 pts.

It was all sunshine and lollipops for Toronto up until the 3rd quarter when Serge Ibaka received his 5th foul, and you knew it was coming because him and Embiid were being physical all game, it was just a matter of when. As he were walking off the court you could see him pleading his case but Marc Davis had his mind made up. Now, Ibaka did come back later in the game but only for seven minutes. He finished with 20 pts & 10 reb, having the highest +/- rating of the game.

Joel Embiid takes a step up to the stripe to add to his game high 37 pts & 13 reb going 14/15 from the line..I guess this is why he is an All-Star. He will lead these 76ers to the Playoffs-mark my words.

Siakam heads to the line after being fouled by Korkmaz but ends up missing both shots! Keeping the score 93-80 and sending him off the court in exchange for OG. This wasn’t Siakams best game but still a great effort from the 2019 Most Improved Player( in my opinion)! He contributed 16 pts & 6reb.

Let’s not forget about your favourite Aussie, Ben Simmons who is a 1st time all star averaging 21 pts and near 10 reb brings it across the timeline to finished with a two handed dunk to try and not make this game a blowout, 86-100 for Toronto. It may not have been a blowout but the Toronto Raptors won this one by a..lot..alot alot!

The Raptor’s head to the city where the most boring Super Bowl took place on Sunday (Atlanta) and will meet the Hawks for the third time this season and hope for a sweep.  I mean, maybe if they win it will entice Vince Carter to come retire in Toronto. Chris Bosh just got his jersey retired in Miami.. will Vince be the first to have his hung as a Raptor?  Tip off is at 7:30pm.

Toronto 119-107 Philadelphia