Don’t call it a blowout was a blowout!

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Toronto steals the show and ties the series at two each

This is it! This is what was missing! The whole team playing like all-stars. That is exactly what they did tonight and what a sight to see. This Toronto Raptors team, that took the court tonight can contest for the Larry O’Brien trophy in June. The fact that Milwaukee was playing like they just came off a back to back definitely helped Toronto’s case. They looked tired and uninterested in winning this game. Maybe it was all the star power in the building tonight. The list includes NFL legend Terrell Owens, TFC superstar Dwayne Rosario, the six god Drake, and one of the best music producers that ever lived, Timbaland.


(Jump Ball)


Raps win the jump and the crowd goes crazy! Siakam brings the ball up the court and gets double teamed and loses the ball to Giannis who would then rush down the court to flush it to give the Buck’s an early lead  the game. Giannis didn’t stop there. He put up six of Milwaukee’s first twelve points.


Not only would Lowry tie the game at fifteen, but he would have an impressive opening quarter with 12 pts. There were a lot of controversial calls in the first, but that’s nothing new win the league. They have been questionable calls all season.


Danny Green would pick up the teams first technical sending Khris Middleton to the line. Kawhi then heads to the line and gives Toronto their first lead of the game when he sinks one of his two free throws. A player from the Toronto bench I want to highlight is Serge Ibaka. He absolutely dominated that Buck’s basket. He did not give up until that ball fell through the net or it was on the other side of the court. Ibaka finished with 17 pts and 13 reb.


The Bucks were trailing by ten at the half and their leading scorer (Middleton)  had 16 pts. Meanwhile Toronto had three players in double digits.


It was not a good start to the second half for Antetokounmpo as he picked up his first two fouls within seconds of one another. The second half matchup between Giannis and Kawhi was a good match up to see. You see both of these teams star’s go head to head with each other and really challenge each other.


Things got a little rough early in the third when Mirotic wasn’t doing his job and Middleton got quite upset with him because of it. That’s never a good sign when you see teammates yelling at each other in the middle of a game.  Green would pick up his fourth foul and minutes later Siakam would pick up his fourth as well and the team’s fifth (penalty) midway through the third frame.


Fun Fact: This is the first time this season that Toronto has won two games in a row against the Milwaukee Buck’s. Can they make it three in a row?


Norman Powell had one of the nastiest shots of the night. He was mismatched against Brook Lopez and from the top of the arch, he bounced the ball between them and let it bounce a few times (basically teasing Lopez) before grabbing it again. Once he picked it up, he hit a deep three!  Powell was my MVP for the game. He gave Toronto their largest lead of the game, putting them up 20 pts with a breakaway reverse layup and only 8:26 to play in the game.


In case you were wondering- Giannis was playing but the Raptors kept him under complete control throughout this entire game. He had more of a successful game then game two but not his best. He only shot 6/10 from the free throw line and put up 25 pts and 10 reb. He actually shot his second air ball of the series. At the three minute mark,and the score at 118-95, all starters walked off the court and on came the bench. That’s a good indication the game is done.


There you have it. The Toronto Raptors tie the series up at two a piece and will travel over to Wisconsin to face the Buck’s in their house Thursday with tip off at 8:30 p.m. This fifth game will be probably o\the most important one of the series. If t\Toronto can win on the road- I think they can close off the series on Saturday.


Raptors 120-102 Bucks