Close But No Cigar..Or Trophy For The Raps

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Golden State Outplayed Toronto In Game 5

So, I have a really good feeling that everybody in Canada and most of the United States,  is going to be very sad today and not be very productive at work. This Raptors loss hurt a lot of people lastnight. It was a surprise to most that Kevin Durant was expected to play. He started the game and was actually looking quite good. That is until, a few minutes into the 2nd quarter when he went down rubbing his leg in pain. Durant helped the Warriors get ahead by 5 pts, before limping off the court where he wouldn’t return. As he were being helped off the court, Toronto fans cheered at his misfortune and as you can guess, players didn’t like that. Steph Curry said it was disgusting and Klay Thompson called it “bs”.  I agree, it wasn’t very “Canadian” and quite embarrassing. It’s never fun to cheer when someone gets hurt and it showed true stregnth when Ibaka, Lowry and Green and tried to shush the crowd. Still no OG Anunoby in the Raptor lineup.


(Jump Ball)


Golden State was looking strong to start the game. Kevin Durant did not look hurt and I’m not going to lie, it was nice to see them play together again. Durant would hit a few of his signature fadeaways before exiting the game with an Achilles injury in the 2nd quarter. Durant contributed 11 pts while playing a total of eleven minutes.


Game 4 was a great game for Marc Gasol. He was hitting shots early in the game and was consistent. He did it again in game 5. He seems to be the guy to get everyone's confidence up early and then coasts for the rest of the game. Like a silent hype man. Gasol had 17 pts, 8 reb and went 2/3 from beyond the arc.


As mentioned in the title, Golden State owned this game. Toronto owned games three and four but this was Warrior led. All of the usual suspects played very well and you can never underestimate the only team ever to come back from a 3-1 in a NBA Finals. I think the most important pieces to this game for the Warriors were the 'Splash Brothers". Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry had a combined 56 pts. That is over half of the Warriors point's.



It goes to VanVleet who swings the ball to the corner to Lowry who is in front of the Warriors bench and tries to hit the corner three. Lucky for Warrior fans, Draymond Green was there to defend and got just enough of the ball,  to push it to the left of the net and there you have it! Raptors fall short to the Warriors by one point! One measly little point. The Warriors ended the game on a 9-2 run and that's what did them in. Some believe Nurse should have called a timeout. I'd have to agree with them!


Was it a great game for Toronto? No. There were shots thry could have made, or at least hit the rim, there were plays that could have been executed. I'm not sure what's worse losing by one point or losing by twenty.


Everyone , including the whole country of Canada will travel back down to California to watch these two teams play Thursday night with tip off at 9:00 p.m.


106 Golden State-Toronto 105