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Veronica Harris
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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Toronto Wins Big In Their First Night Of A Back To And This Young & Athletic California Squad

Please tell me you've seen that Buddy Heild meme of him being able to participate in any sport. If you haven't go google it because it is funny! I was totally expecting him to do some acrobatic moves in tonight's game vs Toronto but didn't see any-maybe next game! The Sacramento Kings graced Toronto with their presence at the Scotiabank Arena. De'Aaron Fox is having one heck of a year averaging 17.4 ppg but didn't play in tonight's game as he rests his sore toe. I wish he did so I can could have written “swiper no swiping” ! Maybe next season. The last time these two teams met, Toronto won 114-105. No Kawhi as they must be saving him for Milwaukee on the 31st, which I am personally fine with because I will be covering that game downtown Toronto.

(Jump Ball)

The Kings put up the first bucket then back to back threes. Don’t forget everybody- just because your are not top 10 in the league or even your conference doesn’t mean  squat anymore! You can still win against a top seed team. Fred Van Vleet started again for Toronto also hitting back to back three’s from the exact same spot in front of the home bench bringing the Raps up 1 pt. Lowry hit a nice fade-away jumper at the top of the key over Yogi Ferrell contributing to his (tied with Fred Van Vleet) game high 19 pts & 9 ast. Sacramento outscored Toronto 34-29 in the 1st quarter.

(Shoutout goes to Durant Sports Management who represents Kings’ guard Frank Mason III).

Guess who checked into the game tonight ?! Patrick McCaw! McCaw fights for the stolen ball outletting the ball to (MIP) Pascal Siakam for a two handed jam. I’m down for this and he deserves it. Siakam had 18 pts & 4 reb.

Shortly after Marvin Badgley III had the ball stolen from his hands but then redeemed himself with an alley-oop. Badgley had a team high 22 pts & 11reb, the only King to have a double double. Not only can he slam the ball down but he can also put up jumpers .

CJ Miles hops on the court for the second game in a row and also hits back to back jumpers. I don’t know what was happening on the court tonight but everybody was hitting back to back shots. It was like Drake was personally singing to them (“...back to back like I'm Jordan '96, '97 whoa..”) or they all found their ‘power up” spot. Either way it was working for both teams. The scores were pretty close up until the last couple minutes of the 3rd quarter, where Toronto was ahead by 10 pts. Sacramento were leading twice before this moment but wouldn’t get the chance to lead again. Toronto’s largest lead of the game were 19pts  :41 seconds to play and that was thanks to Chris Boucher who sunk both of his free throws.

And, the cherry on top? Kyle Lowry dishes the ball to Chris Boucher who finished with a one handed slam. That play there is the sole reason I chose the title. If you look at the replay enough you'll notice that the ball is slightly behind Boucher which makes it that much more impressive.  From there into the final seconds of the game, you knew Toronto had this in the bag and you could rest easy until tomorrow.

Don't blink because Toronto is playing yet another back to back this week and tomorrow they will face  the Indiana Pacers. I will be taking the night off and will be leaving the article writing to my friend Nabeela Damji. But, I will still be taping Jump Ball & The Blaze On Hoops. Stay tuned!

Raptors 120-105 Kings