Be Aware of the Pistons on This Hallow’s Eve!

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Detroit Piston's didn't win this game but they sure played good basketball against the (now) 4-1 Raptors.

That is how you play basketball. And, that is how All-Stars look! I’m talking about you OG Anunoby. Since the start of the season, he has been on fire. As you may recall OG was out due to an emergency appendectomy after being diagnosed with acute appendicitis last year. He started the season like there were no injuries at all. He is my Most Improved Player of the year and if not throughout the league than 100% amongst the Raptors roster but more about him a little later.


This is the first time the Detroit Piston’s have visited the Raptors since Toronto was dubbed champions. This is significant because you remember Dwane Casey right? The Toronto Raptors old head coach. The one Nick Nurse was assistant to. The one who got fired after winning coach of the year. The coach the most say (and I agree) prepared and set up the Raptors for the Championship.  Yeah, that guy. Before the game he said “there’s no animosity in my heart whatsoever, I can sleep at night. There’s no saltiness, no pepper, no hot sauce”. Which I believe full heartedly.   I also believe Casey should be one to get a ring but that’s a different story.


Both teams got off to a good start and were neck and neck the whole first quarter. OG picked the ball off of (new) Piston Derrick Rose and finished with a right handed dunk adding to his total of 13 pts and 8 reb.  Speaking of Derrick Rose and had a fantastic. game including a nice floater in the second quarter to bring the Piston within 4 pts. Having Rose on this roster is just going to confirm what I’ve been saying for honestly, years now. That Detroit as a city and the Piston’s as a team are going to improve and do a total 180. Is this the start to that? Yeah, I think so! The 2011 MVP (youngest to bring that title home) finished with the only double double for Detroit (16 pts and 10 reb) and one of three in the game. Fred VanVleet with 13 pts and 11 ast and Andre Drummond...


On to the second half where Pascal Siakam is proving he is worth that contract extension. Siakam is pulling up from anywhere and everywhere on the court including a deep three over Thon Maker. Thon Maker (who went to school in Ontario, Canada) is 7 feet tall. The tallest? Boban Marjanovic of the Dallas Mavericks standing at 7’3”.  


Fun Fact: In the first 5 games of the season, Spicy P had tallied 140 pts.


This wouldn't be a game recap if I didn’t mention Andre Drummond put up one of the most impressive numbers I have seen in a long time. 21 pts and 22 reb! He also snuck in 3 ast as well. This is what I mean when I say Detroit is coming for the league.


Toronto is now second to the Philidelphia 76er's who are 4-0. Piston's are 10th in the Eastern Conference but this is just the begginning. Mark my word. Dwane Casey will make these PIstons the "Raptors 2.0".


Toronto will head on the road to face the Milwaukee Bucks Saturday and you best believe blood will be drawn. The reigning MVP is hungry! Tip off is at 8:00 pm ET.