Battle Of The M.I.P’s!

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Thursday, April 4, 2019

It's personal now! Was this a potential playoff scenario? Canada hopes so.

Can you taste it? I’m talking about the playoffs! They start next week and I can hardly wait! Toronto only has three more games this season and they have already clinched their playoff spot so hoping to tie their franchise record for most wins in a season is all that is on their minds. Right now they sit at fifty six wins and fifty nine is their franchise best. Maybe next year they can get sixty, because there were a few games this season that Toronto should have won. Crazy to believe that were a time when they looked like the 2018-2019 Phoenix Suns or the New York Knicks with under twenty games won. They have come a long way!

(Jump Ball)

Kawhi Leonard gets the game going with a easy lay up, after getting blocked by Jarrett Allen. Brooklyn led by as much as five early in the game and that would be the only time they would lead. Kawhi was his usual self putting up 26 pts in only thirty four minutes. Toronto had three players in double digits with 20+ pts .  

Normally the games between these two teams are a little closer to one another. As I’ve mentioned before time and time again, it seems D’Angelo Russell has some sort of vendetta against these Toronto Raptors. Russell is averaging 27 pts this year against Toronto. Funny enough, he put up a team high 27 pts, 6 ast and 7 reb.  It was fun to watch these two ‘Most Improved Player’ candidates go up against one another.

Pascal Siakam put up a game high 28 pts, 5 ast and 10 reb.  He was a little slow to get his gears moving but once oiled, he was off! He drained a few shots from beyond the arc, going 3/7 and 11/21 from the field. Speaking of three point shots, D’Angelo Russell drained three in a row late in the fourth quarter in efforts to tie this game up. Unfortunately, for Brooklyn it was a little too late.

Toronto will fly to Charlotte with heads held high after getting their 56thwin of the season. Tip off is at 8:00pm Friday, don’t miss it! Also, if anybody knows where I can get some ‘Spicy P Hot Sauce’-  let me know, I will  take five!

Raptors 115-105 Nets