As a sports fan, you have to love game seven's and that's exactly where this series is headed!

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Thursday, May 9, 2019

Forget the Drake Curse, there’s a new one in town and it’s the “Thursday Curse”.

Toronto loses their second Thursday in a row. This was a hard game to watch. Philadelphia dominated game six of the series and tied it up at three a piece. Could it have been their home court advantage? Or was it the fact that they were just more hungry than Toronto was? Whatever the motive, it worked and it worked very very well. Toronto trailed by as much as twenty-four points and only led by two points (early in the first quarter).


(Jump Ball)


Sixers went on a 7-0 run near the start of the 1st frame. Then was the Raptors turn Togo on 10-0 run reaching almost four minutes without Philly getting a bucket. And then, a 10-0 run for Philadelphia! It were a game of lead changes.


Mike Scott was absolutely phenomenal tonight. He gave the Sixers’ a 17 pt lead off a shot that he made in front of the Raptors bench...then hopped away staring them down.


Toronto picks up their fifth turnover with just over twenty seconds left in the first comes Patrick McCaw who remember, has two championship rings with Golden State. MaCaw pairs up with Butler and Butler runs right by him for the bucket. Philadelphia up 56-43. Butler then strips Leonard and add another two points to his nineteen first half points.


The turnovers in this game were a big issue for Toronto and specifically Kawhi. Leonard turned over four of the teams total twelve. Now, he still remained the same good ol’ Kawhi by putting up monstrous numbers. He finished with a game high twenty-one points and twelve rebounds.


Raps went 3/18 from beyond the arc in the first half and it didn’t get any better in the second half. This game was looking a lot like game three and in that game Toronto lost 116-95.


The last five minutes of the game last literally about ten minutes because of how many fouls Philadelphia was drawing.  It were one after another letting the Raptors scratch away at that double digit lead. Serge Ibaka would get fouled out of the game with just over three minutes to play and finishing with 9 pts.


Marc Gasol would sub out but it’s a shame because he was just getting hot. None of the Toronto players started off well. Not like the 76er’s. Jimmy Butler and Ben Simmons had one heck of a game and that started right off the jump. Jimmy Butler finished with twenty-five points and eight assists. Simmons, who I thought had a breakout game was a huge factor as to why Philly won this game. Simmons finished with twenty-one points.


Game seven will be back in Toronto with tip off at 7:00 p.m and doors will open ninety minutes before tip off to ensure everyone gets in their seats in time to cheer on their home squad.


Philadelphia 112-101 Raptors