After Toronto went 9-0 at home, Houston hands them their second straight loss.

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Friday, December 6, 2019

Despite tying the game multiple times and doing everything they could, Toronto couldn't outscore Houston. Toronto now sits at 15-6.

Over the next seven days, Toronto has a few fun filled yet very very important games to play. Last night it was against James Harden and his Rockets. Houston is sitting in fifth place , four and a half games behind the Lakers but are jsut as much as a threat to every team in the league. The Raptors will face Philly on Sunday, Chicago on Monday and then they will welcome (back) Kawhi Leonard and his crazy insane Clippers. The Clippers are actually my favorite team to watch this season, plus all the emotions Kawhi will bring with him (set your PVR). So this game against Houston really set the tone for the next few games.


From the jump, it was apretty even playing field but you could tell Houston were a more energetic and to be honest, athletic team than Toronto. Especially with "Mr. Triple Double" on the floor. Westbrook would go on put up 19 pts, 11 ast, and 13 reb.


It was a controversial end to the first half. Lowry gets fouled beyond the arc and hits it but the bucket unfortunately doesn't count as he wasn’t in the act of shooting. Lowry heads to the line and hits both to bring it within 10 pts. Westbrook gets an offensive foul and gives to the ball to Toronto. Then Fred VanVleet steps up and coasts to the basket to put an extra two points on the board , 63-55 at the half.


Marc Gasol finally hit an important three ball to being Raptors up 83-80 but then Austin Rivers reponaised with a three of his own and then hot a second three right after that. There was only one time the Raptors took charge but many times where they tied it up.


Houston went on a 6-0 run mid way through the 4th, and I’d say that’s where Toronto lost their championship confidence.


Toronto held Harden to only 23 pts. I say "only" because Harden is well on his way averaging 40 ppg so for the Raps to keep him below 30 is a success! The lead scorer was Houston wasn’t even Harden. It was Ben McLemore, a guard out of Kansas.


Fun Fact: Harden has the second best free throw percentage in the league with .878 while Portland’s Damian Lillard is first with .913. 


So even though Toronto succumbed to Houston's offence doesn't mean it was a total loss. The Raptors (this season) have kept LeBron to 13 pts, Kawhi to 12 pts and Joel Emiid to 0 pts. They have the top five best defence in the league. Speaking of Embiid, Toronto leaves home and heads down to Meek's House and will play the 76ers Sunday at 6:00pm. Could they keep "The Process" down again? 


Houston 119-109 Toronto