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Veronica Harris
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Friday, January 4, 2019

DeRozan Records First Ever Triple Double & How Sweet It Must Have Been To Do That Vs The Raps

After coming off a career high 45 point game Tuesday night vs the Utah Jazz, it’s time for Mr.Leonard to head back home to San Antonio and put on a show for his old team (and bitter fans). Now, not everyone is bitter. Patty Mills said that he hopes it will be a warm welcome back to San Antonio, a place where he (Leonard) has won a championship and grew up. Meanwhile, the fans were feeling some type of way about their 2014 MVP. This was a tricky game for me to watch. Not because I was too emotional but literally tricky because as I was watching via my Bell app, it kept freezing and I’m 100% sure it were because so many fans around the world were doing the same thing. Maybe I should switch to AT&T?!

Lowry who has been out since December 22nd vs Philly is still out with lower back pain but having fun while visiting his best buddy in the world.

(Jump Ball)

Raps win the jump and Leonard gets the bucket to go but misses the free throw. Raps up 2 pts. Aren’t we lucky enough to see Toronto’s beloved son ,Demar and Toronto’s new son Kawhi guard one another in tonight’s game.  Everytime Kawhi touched the ball the fans boo’d him, which I personally don’t like but I guess they feel betrayed and don’t know how to handle their emotions down there.

Spurs came on strong and that was a big thanks to DeRozan . He went up for a floater using his left and then a monsterous slam forcing Raptors coaching staff to call a timeout. He led them on a 15-3 run and let’s not forget about Rudy Gay, another former Raptor who had a great game including an assist to an alley oop. The Spurs defineitley owned the first quarter.

Kawhi and Green step off the court and on come Anunoby and Wright. Raps looked like they were going to catch up with 1:48 to play in the 1st quarter but were still down 38-19. Pops then called a timeout as his Spurs’ were denied three times before Siakam pushed it out to Delon Wright for a corner three. Lets not forget Pascal Siakam who ALSO had a career high 25 vs Utah the other night and give DeRozan another chance to extend the lead and that he does over Siakam bringing his total to 13pts with 4:45 to go in the half. It seemed the boo’s for Kawhi were also affecting the rest of the Dinosaurs.  We can take it back to talking about DeRozan because everytime Toronto inched their way to get close, he said absolutely not and managed to drain it. DeRozan had 19 pts, 10 reb & 5 ast in the first half alone while Leonard only had 11 pts, 1 reb & 3 ast in the first half. Ouch!

Fun Fact: If I were to list all of Demar DeRozan’s accomplishments, you may as well have just gone to his page on Wikipedia so i’ll just highlight what I think is most impressive. “Debo” is the Raptors all time scoring leader with 13,296 points and most games by a raptor with 675.

Toronto down 67-51 at the half and trailed by as many as 26 pts. The only time the Raptors lead in the game was the first 2 pts. Oh boy the 2nd half got off to a slow start too! Raptors only put up 4 pts in the first 5 minutes. This game, as individuals and a team, I’d say San Antonio were a better team. They 55.3% from the field.

Toronto came out of a timeout fiery after DeRozan missed and then forced a turnover. Ps. Fans still taunting Leonard as he walks off after picking up his 2nd foul. Jakob Poeltl stepped on the court for the Spurs and he grew sideburns! I feel like Poeltl kind of got forgotten about in the midst of all this drama. He finished with 2pts.

Fun Fact: Spurs’ assistant coach Becky Hammon is the league’s FIRST..I repeat FIRST female assistant coach ever. I think it’s a little late but in the words of Drake, I guess better late than never (but never late is better).

San Antonio up 96-75 at the end of the 3rd frame.

C.J Miles enters the game and that was an interesting move by Toronto’s coaching staff as when you are down by more than 20 pts,  that you put on a player that hasn’t had a good season thus far and is only averaging 4.6 ppg. All of Gregg Popovich’s Spurs’ starters were rested except for Derrick White and Bryn Forbes who to be honest with you shocked me by their skill and leadership. Together they were combined for 39 pts.

DeRozan and Leonard check back in with 7:35 to go in the game. LaMarcus Aldridge heads to the line adding to his impressive numbers and a game high of 23 pts and going 10/14 from the field.

Fun Fact: This was Demar DeRozan’s first ever triple double and what a satisfying one it was. He finished with a game high 21 pts, 11 reb & 14 ast.

Chris Boucher checks in and get his first rebound within seconds. All starters have taken a seat as San Antonio is up 19 pts with minutes to play. Unfortunately the bench couldn’t make a comeback and the Spurs’ take this one.Toronto will have a chance to even up in the score in february when the Spurs head to Toronto for DeRozan’s homecoming but for now, he and his Spurs’ have bragging rights. After the game you see Gregg Popovich and Kawhi Leonard having a chat after Pop shoo’s away the cameras. I personally have never seen Kawhi smile and laugh so much! Leonard only finished with  21 pts, 5 ast & 1 reb but something was making him smile!

So this one hurt for  Raptors fans but it was kind of bittersweet because you got to see DeRozan win and if the team can’t win at least a Raptors hall Of Famer ca. Yes- you will see #10 in the rafters someday.  The tough road trip isn’t done yet because Toronto will head to Milwaukee to face the guy who has the most number of votes for the East in this years NBA All Star weekend coming up in February, and that guy is Giannis Antetokuonmpo. Toronto and Milwaukee are the top two teams in the East so this will be good. Tip off is at 8:00pm.

Spurs 125-107 Raptors