When will the Blue Jays get an ownership that actually cares?

Eduardo Harari
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Monday, October 14, 2019


TORONTO — It has been decades since the Blue Jays were owned by someone that actually cared about their status and future. These days the only time the ownership group shows up to the stadium and watches or monitors their interests is when there is a Alumni extravaganza or when they just don't have anything else to do.

So how are the fans expected to believe in anything that comes out of the mouths of the executives that are supposed to guide their beloved team to respectability, because contention for a title is something, they are sure will not happened for years to come.


The latest saga that has come up in this organizations massive lack of respect for the fans and the legacy of Toronto's Sports history is the extension of the contracts of Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins.


As Steve Simmons, one of Toronto's best sports journalist said it best Rogers seem to be rewarding mediocracy instead of success.


Let’s look at the facts clearly and without dictating judgement. Since their arrival in 2015, the teams only major accomplishment has been their postseason appearance in 2016 with the team that was left here by the current GM of the Atlanta Braves, Alex Anthopoulos, who since leaving the organization has been to the postseason in all of the 4 seasons he has been with other teams.


The Blue Jays as communicated by its executives are in rebuild mechanism that this season finished with a record of 67 - 95 which is the worst showing since 1980. If this is not sufficient the attendance keep on dropping from 2016 an average of 41, 878 fans entered the park while 3 years later only 21, 607 took in a game. The Blue jays dropped from 5th place to 22nd in the MLB rankings.


If that is not impactful enough for the ownership the revenues went down from US$278M in 2016 to US$265M in 2018 and the 2019 numbers will not look any better.


So how is this something that any ownership can reward with a possible extension of a contract? Would Edward Rogers reward any of his executives if his multimedia corporation profits sank by more than 50%?


The interesting thing to point out is that the current ownership of the team is not interested in the future of the Blue jays as much as the TV Baseball rights, if not they would have sold the Blue Jays a long time ago.


And let’s remember that the only news you will get out of the organization are the ones they want you to hear as the media box is controlled by all the sources they have control over or write about what they like as alternative news sources are shot out by all means possible.


Let’s go back to the issue of Shapiro and Atkins as the issue gets more interesting for Mr. Shapiro whose extension is still in limbo since the one for Atkins was extended just extended to the end of 2020 at least as the terms of the contract were not disclosed.


As for Mark Shapiro goes, it’s of extreme importance that he completes the build of the new training facility in Florida to show something fruitful of his administration as the one on the playing field was not successful at all.


But what do you expect from the "Dynamic Duo" that spent more than a decade in Cleveland with nothing to show for? Yes and they will tell you that the Indians are now rejoicing of the fruits of their labor but then why weren't this tandem able to complete the final goal and win the World Series.

It was the year after they left that a relaxed Indian clubhouse came together and reached the ultimate goal and reached the World Series after a 68-year drought.

So its time for the ownership of this team to take control and look at the numbers and do what should have been done and say those Trump magic words "You're Fired"