Galvis is heading to Cincinnati after being placed on waivers

Eduardo Harari
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Photo courtesy of Nick Turchiaro, USA TODAY Sports


TORONTO. – Why would you place on of your most consistent player on waivers when you don’t have veterans in your clubhouse to help the new generations coming in.

Yesterday morning it was announced that Utility infielder Freddy Galvis had been placed on waivers by the Toronto Blue Jays. Did they really think that he would clear waivers with no takers?

As it turns out, the Cincinnati Reds didn’t have to think it twice when a player of that caliber is there for the taking at no risk and with nothing to lose. This seems to be the pattern that the management of this organization is taking.

Over the past months, the fans have seen caliber players depart the organization without a solitude of return coming back. When do the Rogers ownership team finally will say enough is enough and stop the bleeding of their fan base?

Oh, that’s right, I forgot that its another ploy to find a buyer for the team or better a transfer of ownership to their counterparts at MLSE, who happened to be their partners already.

So now the infield looks something like this, Guerrero at third, Bichette at short, Biggio at second and a holly mix at first.

I am not saying that Bo Bichette is not great, but you need to have someone with some experience guiding him through the process. Let’s remember that the super trio just started playing together a year or so ago at the minor league level as they made the rapid progress through the system.

When will the “Dynamic Duo” of Shapiro and Atkins learn that Toronto is not the Cleveland Indians and that this is Canada’s team and the fans deserve to watch quality baseball if they plan to remain afloat in a hockey consumed fan base?

They don’t seem to understand that the Blue Jays are not the only game in town and that they have not done much since the 1992 World Series aside from reaching the playoffs before they took over and systematically disassembled a great product that was not easy to put together.

At this pace, the Blue Jays might end up as the Expos of old did looking alone at the lights of the stadium with less fans in the stands than employees in the aisles.

Mr. Rogers, the fans know that really you inherited the team from your dad, but can you be so naïve as to not want to have a successful legacy for your family that people will remember? Is it not clear to you as a businessman that this “Dynamic Duo is not the right management to guide your investment?

The answer is clear as day, you need to say the magical two words before its to late and something that was built and developed with such passion and heart by Paul Beeston and Pat Gillick goes up in flames.

Let the fans know you actually care about your family’s legacy and the great institutions in our city and remove the cancerous cells from the organization.