NFL Conference Championship Games

By: Eric Cohen

Friday, January 19, 2018

No point living in the past but our 7-1 playoff ATS record has us wondering why we don't avoid the Toronto cold and just live in Vegas. I must say I am very disappointed with the media in general over the analysis I saw and read over Jacksonville's "shocking" win over Pittsburgh. Why is it shocking? They beat them 30-9 in the regular season. They clearly had a recipe on how to beat that team. It's too easy for people to say, "well Blake Bortles didn't throw for 100 yard against Buffalo so he sucks". The NFL changes week by week and you must do your research if you hope to stay ahead of the curve. With that being said here we go for NFL Conference Picks:

Jacksonville +9 at New England: Well here we go again. I will continue to ride the Jags!! Now let me make this very clear, it will be much tougher to win at New England than it was to win at Pittsburgh. The Jags knew they could win in Pittsburgh, they don't have the same knowledge about Foxbro. However, the Jags will not be intimidated the way most teams are. It's actually the opposite with Jacksonville. They will use the disrespect card yet again. You see while most teams respect Tom Brady, Jacksonville's defence is mean and dirty and they will target Tom's injured hand. They will take any shot they can on Brady. While my sources inside the New England room say Brady's injury is not serious I think Jacksonville's defense and running game keeps them in this game. Pick: Jacksonville +9

Minnesota -3.5 at Philadelphia: I wrote last week that Philadelphia would not like being labeled as home under dogs vs Atlanta. They used it as motivation and even had players dressed in dog masks. Well here we go again. The Eagles are getting a field goal or more depending on what book you use. These 2 teams are extremely similar. Both led by quarterbacks who were not starters when the year began. Thanks To injuries to Sam Bradford and Carson Wentz, Case Keenum and Nick Foles are now leading their to teams to championship games. Now the loss of Wentz is the bigger one considering he was having an MVP season. Going from Bradford to Keenum isn't nearly the same drop off. However both teams play great defence, run the ball and have very similar styles. To me this game is a toss up and you know my strategy, if a game can go either way take the home team especially if getting points. Pick: Philadelphia +3.5

Enjoy the games!!