NFL Week 17 picks

By: Eric Cohen

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Instead of giving you picks let's review week 17 and give you a break down of the game that have implications to playoff spots:

Here is what you can expect to happen in the final week of the regular season.

AFC: The New England Patriots will beat the Jets and lock into the number 1 seed. That means win or lose vs Cleveland the Pittsburgh Steelers will be the number 2 seed. The number 3 seed is Kansas City. They will rest starters vs Denver so expect the Broncos to win that meaningless game. Jacksonville is locked into the 4 seed but have said they will play starters not wanting to go into the playoffs riding a 2 game losing streak. Their game vs Tennessee is extremely important for many teams fighting for playoff spots. I expect Tennessee to win to avoid a collapse and a 4 game losing streak. Baltimore will beat Cincinnati and lock into the 5 seed. Tennessee with their win will be the 6 seed and play Jacksonville for the third time in the wild card. Buffalo should win at Miami. Their fate would then be determined by Tennessee and Los Angeles. The Chargers should beat Oakland. Los Angeles would be the 6 seed if they win and Tennessee loses. If both lose Buffalo is in for the first time since 1999. Here are my projections for the 6 playoff seeds.

1. New England

2. Pittsburgh

3. Kansas City

4. Jacksonville

5. Baltimore

6. Tennessee

NFC: The NFC goes through Philadelphia. They have the 1 seed locked in. Dallas should win in Philadelphia who will rest starters. The 2 seed will be Minnesota who will beat Chicago. The 3 seed will probably be New Orleans after they beat Tampa Bay. Los Angeles has said they will rest starters and I expect them to lose to the upstart 49ers. That will drop the Rams to 4. Carolina will be the 5 seed if they lose at Atlanta. I expect the Falcons to win to lock up the 6 seed. If Atlanta loses Seattle will be the 6 seed if they beat Arizona. Here is what I expect from the NFL with my projected playoff seeds.

1. Philadelphia

2. Minnesota

3. New Orleans

4. Los Angeles

5. Carolina

6. Atlanta

Enjoy the final week of the season.