WWSD - What Would Steven Do?

By: Steven Edwards

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

How I would debut Tommaso Ciampa on the main roster.

One of the biggest issues for me in recent times when it comes to the WWE is how the stars of NXT are treated on Raw or Smackdown. Many of these wrestlers get lost in the shuffle very quickly, even if they make a somewhat impactful debut. There are a few exceptions to this, ie Kevin Owens and you could also say Paige.

Ciampa is currently the best heel in WWE and he needs to make an impact when he eventually gets called up to the main roster and here is how I would do it….

TakeOver : Brooklyn should cement him as an even bigger heel and he should find a way to somehow sneak out of that event as the NXT champion. With Aleister Black and Johnny Gargano seemingly at odds with each other over who is to blame for Ciampa still being champion, Ciampa would move on to different opponents in Velveteen Dream and EC3.

Moving into WarGames I would have Ciampa again successfully defend the belt and finish the year as the NXT Champion.

2019 should be the year that Ciampa takes his character to the next level and it should all start around Royal Rumble weekend where I would first have him drop the belt to EC3 at TakeOver the night before the Rumble. I wouldn’t have him initially named as one of the 30 entrants for the Rumble on the following night but instead I would have Johnny Gargano come out late in the Rumble and Ciampa attack him as he makes his entrance. Ciampa would then take Gargano’s place in the Rumble and win it. I would then have him face AJ Styles for his title at WrestleMania weekend.

At WrestleMania, I wouldn’t have Ciampa win the belt, but I would expect an incredible match from the two of them which leaves him frustrated. I would then have him make the next run at the title at Money in the Bank. That’s where you have him win the briefcase, as that should always be in a heel’s possession and there would be no bigger heel at this point than Ciampa. He would then bide his time till the moment was right, cash in the briefcase and win the biggest title of his career.

How would you debut Tommaso Ciampa?

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Steven Edwards

Photo : WWE.com