BIG 3 Comes to Toronto

By: Veronica Harris

Saturday, July 28, 2018

What can I say?

Ice cube and the big 3 came to town. This was one of the most sought after events happening this summer and boy, was it fun. The summers hottest leagues board included all stars such as Jermaine O'Neal, Jerome 'JYD' Williams, Cylde Drexler as well as other ex NBA players and influencers.

With all eight teams playing in each city they stop at- first up were the 3 headed monsters featuring Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf with coach Gary Payton vs Captain Brian Scalabrine and his Ball Hogs. The undefeated 3 headed monsters won 51-45 finishing with the beat record in the league, bring 6-0.

Next up at 8:00pm we had Nancy Lieberman aka Lady Magic leading the way for team Power who came out on top against the killers 3s. Come to think of it -they pumbled them, 50-28. I'm pretty sure it were because of Ron Artest aka  'Metta World Peace' who seemed to focus more on being a tough guy than playing in the game.  It was special seeing ex Raptor, Charles Oakley in the building. He got a standing ovation and deserved it. There were a few ex -raptors playing in the big3 including Jamrio Moon & Alan Jackson.

For the last two games of the night we had Tri-State fall hard to 3s company 51-29. Which is surprising because Tri-State has one of the best players to ever play the game , Dr.J himself, Juliua Erving. I guess you can't even win em all. Although i'd love to see Michael Jordan or Shaq host a team next year.
The last game of the night tipped off at 10:00pm and featured Ghost Ballers & Trilogy. Now, this was my favourite game and I will tell you why. I absolutely love Nate Robinson who plays for Trilogy and his talent. Although Ghost Ballers won by 9pts it was sti a pleasure to watch everything go down.

Having the BIG3 come to Toronto was a great experience and a great opprortunity, not only for the city but the players within the city who think basketball is only for the 'young' & limber. These men showed they can still ball and have fun while doing it.