Coming up on the G1 Climax

By: Steven Edwards

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What am I most looking forward to at the G1 Climax over this weekend?

Thursday July 26: SANADA vs Kota Ibushi

The first of two matches that I am really looking forward to and for me the loser of this match is likely out of the running in terms of B Block. As mentioned in my previous article, I think Ibushi will ultimately win this block and win this match. He will then use this momentum to carry him into that all-important match against the winner of A Block.

Prediction: Ibushi win

Thursday July 26: Juice Robinson vs Kenny Omega

Omega puts his unbeaten streak in B Block on the line against the winless Robinson. Let’s rewind to G1 Climax 27 and both these men were in B Block last year with Robinson coming out on top, as he inflicted one of only two losses on Omega that he suffered in the block. This year I see Omega getting revenge on Robinson who can’t seem to get going in this block.

Prediction: Omega win

Friday July 27: Jay White vs Bad Luck Fale

This match is all about survival for White. White is coming off a loss before this mini break and will look to get back to winning ways. Fale has shown no interest in anything other than making a statement to everyone else about where he and the rest of the Tongan’s stand in terms of Bullet Club. White can get under anyone’s skin and that could lead to a very quick DQ win for him, which is how I see this one going. The issue here is, will CHAOS members come to his aid if he ends up being outnumbered by the Fale, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa?

Prediction: White win

Saturday July 28: Kenny Omega vs SANADA

SANADA finishes this section of B Block with a match against the other half of the Golden Lovers, Kenny Omega. Omega has the biggest target on him of anyone in this tournament and at some point, that is going to catch up with him. Outside of the match against Ibushi, this is the match I can see Omega losing after a draining match against Robinson. SANADA will go 1 and 1 against the Golden Lovers to maybe keep himself in the hunt in this block.

Prediction: SANADA win

Monday July 30: EVIL vs Minoru Suzuki

EVIL for me is the biggest threat to Jay White in A Block and facing Suzuki is never fun. Suzuki inflicted the first loss on White in this block and EVIL needs to be very careful he doesn’t also fall fell of this very dangerous opponent. Much like I mentioned earlier with White in his match against Fale, this match is very much about survival for EVIL and trying to somehow come out of it with two points for the win. With all that being said, this is the match I can see EVIL slipping up in and White will definitely be pleased by that, if he has somehow survived Fale.

Prediction: Suzuki win

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