Barnburner Exclusive: Chelsea Green, Robbie E Expected To Receive WWE Contracts After Recent Tryout

By: Jon Fisher

Friday, July 6, 2018

According to sources at Barnburner, former-Impact Wrestling champion Robbie E and Chelsea Green impressed at the most-recent WWE tryout and are expected to be offered WWE contracts. 

Robbie E's Impact Wrestling career spans seven years, dating back to 2010. He's a former two-time TNA World Tag-Team champion, one-time TNA Television champion and TNA X-Division champion.

After his seven-year stint in Impact wrestling came to an end, he began to use his real name, Robert Strauss, on the independent scene. Sources say Strauss used an 'influencer' gimmick, along with his real name at the WWE tryout.

As for Green, the British Columbia-native didn't join Impact Wrestling until 2016, where she would perform under another character, Laurel Van Ness. Green ended up capturing one Impact Knockouts championship during her three years in the company. She was officially released from Impact Wrestling in January. 

Both talents spent time in the WWE, thus not creating shock either wrestler was on the WWE's radar. Strauss made two appearances in WWE. On May 5, 2005, he lost to Matt Morgan on an episode of Smackdown. In January of 2006, he was attacked by Edge in a segment. 

Green put her talents on display on a bigger stage within World Wrestling Entertainment. One year after appearing as Daniel Bryan's therapist in a love angle involving Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon, she finished fourth place in the female division on Tough Enough in 2015.

Both talents could provide a great spark to their respective divisions in either NXT or the WWE main roster. Green is a great wrestler who contains the rare skill to portray multiple characters at any point in time. It’s publicly-known she is in a relationship with former-United States champion Zack Ryder. Her own skill on the mat and vast experience should justify her in receiving a WWE contract.

Strauss’ path to this tryout is not a common one, but the 34-year-old can proclaim he’s wrestled around the world and did so on a big stage. Even though the era of the Jersey Shore is over, Strauss did show in Impact Wrestling his wide array of talents in professional wrestling.

Among other talents at the WWE tryouts was an ACC Heavyweight wrestling champion, Terrell and Terrance Hughes, twin sons of WWE Hall of Fame wrestler D-Von Dudley, multiple former football players, including former-NFL tight end Dorin Dickerson, and several other independent wrestlers across the world.

The full details of the WWE tryouts can be found here.