What is Bergevin thinking?!

Analysis of the Domi-Galchenyuk trade

By: Julien Quincou

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Trade analysis



The Trade

         Exactly a year after trading one of the best prospect on defense in recent years in the NHL, Montreal Canadiens general manager traded C, or maybe LW, Alex Galchenyuk to the Arizona Coyotes. In return, Montreal gets Winger Max Domi. It is a one-for-one player trade.


It is incredible how Bergevin keeps trading valuable asset away, without addressing is two crucial needs: a top 6 center or a top 4 left handed defenseman. Last year, he shipped Mikhail Sergachev to Tampa Bay for Jonathan Drouin, a winger who was slotted as the team’s top center last year. It was Drouin’s worst year in the NHL. Meanwhile, Galchenyuk, drafted as a center, was playing the wing alongside Drouin.


Alex Galchenyuk

         This young American born player was drafted 3rd overall in 2011, the first draft pick of Marc Bergevin as Montreal’s GM. Back then, Chucky was finally coming to Montreal to be the next big and talented centerman the city has been waiting for since 1993. Unfortunately, according to people in the Canadiens’ organization, Galchenyuk never panned out to be the enter they drafted for. Still, he is tied with Filip Forsberg for most points in his draft year, with 255.


This trade doesn’t really make sense for the Canadiens at first glance. Let’s hope it only means that Bergevin has something else up his sleeve. Many Habs fans are wishing that their beloved number 27 won’t explose next year and become the next Braden Schenn.


Max Domi

         Son of Toronto Maple Leafs legend, Tie Domi, Max is a skilled playmaker. Drafted 11th overall in 2012, Domi scored 36 goals in his NHL career, compared to Galchenyuk’s 30 in 2015-2016. As good as a player he is, Domi doesn’t really make sense in Montreal, as of today. The draft is near and I believe that trade sets up 2 scenarios: Bergevin gets his center and picks Kotkianiemi from Finland or gets Zadina to improve his team’s firepower.


Still, past Stanley Cup champions showed that a 1-2 punch at the center position is the key to success in the NHL. Why would you trade you best assests for anything else than centermen…


Can’t wait to se what happens at the draft, because the statu quo is gone in Montreal!