Toronto FC vs Seattle Sounders

By: Nabeela Damji

Thursday, May 10, 2018

It was a rematch of teams who were at the top, and now find themselves at the bottom.  So reverse Drake for you guys in the 6ix.  And if the 6ix God Drake’s Raptors no-calls were any indication of what life is like in Toronto, you know how this one turned out. Hanwalla Bwana’s game winning goal was enough to give the Seattle Sounders a 2-1 win over Toronto FC. But it shouldn’t have counted…

First Half

Both teams started off with some great chances.  The Sounders had an early chance, but Gregory van der Wiel blocked it to keep it a scoreless game. At the 10th minute, a chance for Jay Chapman came up short when Stefan Frei came up with a big save. Chapman had another chance at the 15, when Sebastian Giovinco found him with a great cross, but headed it straight to Frei.

The first goal of the game came from Seattle, when on the counter attack, Will Bruin scored his third goal of the season. *Insert an “at least this bruin can win something” joke here* The goal was assisted by Magnus Eikrem in the 25th minute of play.

The Reds kept the pressure on, when Chapman fired one just wide of the far post. Then, in the 40th minute of the first half, Victor Vasquez deflected the ball over the Seattle defence to find Giovinco who lobbed it over Frei with Jonathan Osorio nodding in his second of the season to tie up the game 1-1.    


Of the first half Captain Michael Bradley said “I thought there were a lot of positive things. It’s not easy to create chances but I thought especially in the first half the way we were able to move the ball and move the ball quickly, and find spaces in between lines, I thought that part was very good.”

Then things took a turn for the worse.  And the frustrating. 


Second Half

TFC started the second half off with more pressure, with Giovinco firing on frame, but Frie coming up with the stop early.

In the 54th minute, guy who quite possibly has the coolest name ever, Hanwalla Bwana, who had two shots on target in the first half, managed to capitalize on his third. He finished the pass from Will Bruin for his first ever MLS goal, to give the Sounders a 2-1 lead.  Christian Roldan had the other assist on the goal.

The goal, which was clearly offside was refused by referee Ted Unkle to be reviewed and stood as the game winner for Seattle.  Bradley said of the call “I mean listen the first part is it’s impossible to have any type of conversation with him(Unkle), the second part is it’s the same conversation we had a few weeks ago in Chicago which is nobody’s expecting that every call is perfect it’s not reality that’s not sports. Futbol is a game that there’s so much grey to begin with and it seems to me that all VAR has done is make that more grey.”

During the postgame press conference, coach Vanney came prepared.  On his phone, with a screenshot showing goal scorer Bwana offside when receiving the assist from Bruin.

 “I don’t think, I know it’s offside because I’m looking at it here. It’s inexplicable, two of our last three games to me is inexlplicable.  I just don't know the point of what we're doing if this isn't offside, it's pretty clear.  If any part of the body that can score a goal is in an offside position, the player's offside.  They've got multiple looks.  It's not just the rund of the play, they've got a secondary look at it.  I just don't understand. They don't even take a real look, honestly.  That ball was back in play about as quick as it can get back into play on a goal. It's incomprehensible"


In the 57th minute, Osorio dragged one just wide of the net after a nice run but couldn’t make it count. 

The Reds kept the chances and pressure coming when Ager Aketxe missed a shot from outside the box. Getting another taste of how the Raptors felt all series against the Cavs, a random out of bounds call was enough to stop the momentum the Reds were getting into and get the fans at BMO rilled up.  Sloppy defense and play from Toronto was enough to lose this one.  Bradley said after the game “it's frustrating night between the field, between VAR,between no VAR, there’s a lot of frustration that’s for sure, but we have no choice but to turn it around quickly and get ready for another big game on Saturday.”

The Reds will look for a chance to turn it aorund when they host New England on Saturday.