Hockey Night in Canada May 5th

By: Julien Quincou

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Hockey Night in Canada




Pittsburgh Penguins @ Tampa Bay Lightning

         Tied 2 games on both sides, this series goes back to Washington. Home ice advantage does not really mean anything so look for Pittsburgh to come out firing in this one. At the end of game 4, T.J Oshie took a run at star D-man Kris Letang, it will be interesting to see if the Penguins will take exception or focus on the game. Neither team really has the advantage so far in the series, but the Pens’ goaltending situation is worrying fans in Pittsburgh. Like all year long, Matt Murray’s performances are uneven and for some reason, he can’t seem to find any rhythm. Fortunately for him, Washington’s defensive zone coverage has been worst than Murray’s inconsistency.

Special teams have been the main focus for both teams. Discipline will be very important for Washington, especially that they lost game 4 due to indiscipline.

It will be interesting to see which team will be able to impose its will physically without going to the box. In my opinion, Washington is frustrated and can’t believe that they are not up 3-1 in this series, if they don’t get in the right mindset, Pittsburgh will steal this one in the capital.


Winnipeg Jets vs Nashville Predators

         Nashville frustrated Winnipeg in game 4, to tied the series. The Jets’ young forwards were trying to create the perfect play and got away from what made them so successful in the previous games; hard fore-check and physical cycling low in the Preds’ zone. P.K Subban was a stud in the last game, physically taking over his own zone with timely hits and breaking up many plays. He even scored the game winning goal on the power-play late in the second period. Winnipeg will look to have another strong start, which put them in trouble early in game 3 and put them behind the 8 ball in previous games. Although the series is tied, I feel like the Jets have the upper hand right now and that momentum is still on their side. If Winnipeg can steal this one, they would basically win the series. The Jets win this one in OT.