The Lighter Side of Sports -May 3rd, 2018

By: Nabeela Damji

Friday, May 4, 2018

Your Parents dont want to come to your Sporting Events


When we were young we thought our parents loved the idea of coming out to our extracurricular sporting activities and cheering us on.  Well guess what, they didn’t.  Here are seven tweets of the week proving parents + weekends + sports = negative amounts of fun. 

Abe Yospe@Cheeseboy22

There should be a service where you can rent parents to go see your kids play sports in your place.

8:56 PM - Feb 19, 2018
Ray Hausler@rhausler

I have one kid who wants me to be loud and cheer, and one kid who wants silence.

9:26 PM - Feb 1, 2018
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Kate Nematollahi@KateNematollahi


9:26 PM - Mar 23, 2018

Jennifer Lizza@outsmartedmommy

Let's get overly excited & sign our kids up for sports then hope & pray for rain so they will cancel every practice and game for the season.

4:14 PM - Jun 9, 2015
No Idea: Daddy Blog@byclintedwards

Kids talk about how excited they are for sports until 7:30 AM on Saturday and you are dragging their a** out of bed and into soccer cleats.

11:42 AM - Sep 17, 2016
Andy Herald@AndyHerald

The best part of peewee sports is having to remember all the kids' and parents' names.

Maybe I mixed up the best part with the worst part.

2:31 PM - Oct 15, 2016
In a way, i'm so glad the parents of my generation never had access to Twitter. I can go on knowing they only pretend to care about what i'm doing. 

Slow Mo Baseball Kid Runs the World
So you hate kids sports.  Speaking of which.  What's worse than watching your three year old play baseball in the sun on a lovely spring day? Watching him do it in slow motion. 
Click below to watch this super cute kiddo tkae eons to get the homer.

If any of you need a laugh, the coach told my cousin to run home as fast as he can and he delivered

12:57 PM - Apr 29, 2018