The Lighter Side of Sports - April 26th, 2018

By: Nabeela Damji

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Another week, another article by your truly. 

As a broadcaster, I hear it all the time “your life must be so cool, you get paid to go to games!'

Yes, it is. It’s also a ton of work.  Sometimes you don’t have time to take it all in.  Like me, who was too busy  inhaling hotdogs and popcorn before the start of the game so you wouldn’t hear a loud grumbling of my tummy on your 11 o’clock post game scrum.  You’re welcome.

I have had the privileged to cover some of the best sports in the world, but I thought it would be cool to give some insight on how the sports world works behind the scenes.

For example, I cover most Toronto Marlies games, held a Ricoh Colesium.  It’s a small fun environment.  I get to sit in the press box (thanks for the popcorn) and watch the game.  Watching a game is very different as a media member than a fan.  I take my giant laptop and typically jot down notes as the game goes on.  Basically, when someone scores a goal and you as a fan get up to cheer, I flip open this Game of Thrones looking laptop and type away. With a straight face.  Like a dead person. Afterwards, we do some post game scrums with the coach and some players and I’m on my way home to finish my game report.

Last night, I covered my very first Raptors game at the ACC. I got there around 4pm, got my pass and was able to find my way to the media room after asking literally everyone that was employed by MLSE. We were able to take some short notes at the pre-game presser, and then were allowed into the locker rooms to get some pre-game quotes from players.  After, it was time to head up to the box and watch the game. After the game, we headed down to the press room again for coaches post game comments, and then were allowed in the locker room for some scrums.  All in all, I was there from 4-11:30pm.  If there had been a shoot around scheduled, I would have attended practice during the day as well. So yes, a long but very fun day. 

The Raptors media experience was MILES different than a Marlies game.  The magnitude of an NBA game is daunting.  From pre-game scrums with coaches and players, to sitting up in the media box, and then coming down after to do post game, the NBA and the big leagues are just that.  BIG. Besides the fact that this isn’t hockey and I don’t have to dress like the Michelin man so I don’t freeze to death in a cold rink, the NBA is on another level.  The scale of the media presence to the fan experience, the NBA is one league that is mesmerizing, not only to the fans, but to us as well.  Its on another level, and maybe I’m saying that because I’m 5’0 I got lost in the hallways, but its something that takes practice.   I learned a lot from my first NBA game, from broadcasting etiquette to the way things were run, and I’m glad I had the chance to experience something so awesome. 

I hope you all enjoyed the little insight I was able to provide about what we as broadcasters do at a game.  So yes, while it’s super cool to attend these events as a media member, at the end of the day it’s a job, and a very rewarding one at that.

You can check out my game report, and also check out Veronica Harris as she did some amazing streeters with fans outside last night.