Hockey Night in Canada April 21st

Leafs-Bruins Game 5 preview.

By: Julien Quincou

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Hockey Night in Canada, April 21st




Toronto Maple Leafs @ Boston Bruins


         Here we are, the Leafs are on the brink of elimination. Boston has been a formidable opponent, maybe even more than what experts expected. The combination of Marchand-Bergeron-Pastrnak has been lights out for the B’s. Even when Bergeron was out of the lineup last game, Pastrnak and Marchand danced around the Leafs in their own building. Tonight, we will see what Toronto’s young guns are made of.


         Expectations were higher this post-season. Toronto’s greatness is not a surprise for other teams anymore. The Leafs, after being in full reconstruction for the past 5 season, have arrived to their destination, or so their fans say. Unfortunately, the team is full of young players that are just playing their second Stanley Cup series. Last Spring, they had nothing to lose against the powerful Washington Capitals and the 6 game win for the Caps wasn’t as easy as they expected. Now, Toronto is of the only two teams from Canada in the playoffs and they look like pressure might be getting to them.


         One positive thing we observed from the young Maple Leafs is that they try to be real careful with the puck and limit turnovers by making safe plays, carefully protecting the puck in safe areas and limit blind passes. Unfortunately, by doing so, they don’t challenge the Bruins’ defense.


         Frederik Andersen hasn’t been himself either in this series and it makes a difference right now. Andersen is known to rebound after a bad performance, but he has struggled when his team was facing elimination and in game 7 situations.


         That being said, I think the Leafs will find a way to win tonight, but the real question is: can they convince themselves that they can win this series? I hope so. As long as they stay hungry and they find the same kind of desperation they played with against Washington last Spring would be like a breeze of fresh air in that locker room!

FYI: Game starts @ 8:00 pm.