Toronto Raptors Game Report

By: Rory Mitchell

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Second last pre season game of the NBA before the regular season starts, The Toronto Raptors are back in the native land in the heart and city.

This game started out sloppy in the first quarter noticing both teams getting a feel for each other. The first credit we have to give is the Rising Star on the Raptors who signed to exclusive deal for 4 years Norman Powell which sky rocketed to the hoop early to shake the crowd in the first quarter. Norman had a slow start shooting 1-6 from the field at 16.7%, which is unacceptable for the 42 million dollar man, you got to earn every bit of this contract to standout and be the star you want to be.

The biggest standout that was very intriguing to see is the post play by Jonas Valanciunas coming up big in moments and with 8-12 FG and delivered 18 points with 11 rebounds, defining that you got to come up big in key areas of the game, hopefully this can carry over into the regular season for Raptors fans. Serge did Serge giving a solid 14 points also.

When looking at this game I noticed one thing that stood out was the battle in the post position. It seems that the Raptors are going to be at their best if they want to be a big time contenders in the Eastern conference by this type of play. Crash the boards grab big time rebounds from your bigs and you have a winning formula to be a big time juggernaut in the East with Cleveland, Boston, Milwaukee and the sleeper Washington Wizards.

This game should have Raptors fans satisfied like a home cooked meal. Detroit Pistons is a mediocre at best team that will fight for a playoff spot in the lacklustre east, but with punishing these type of teams it creates havoc to generate more effective foundation building to have enough bonding between the whole team that can create unique leadership amongst the Raptors.

The younger players that will benefit from this style of play is Jakob Poeltl & Rookie OG Anunoby & your oldest veteran on the team with 12 years of experience your sharpshooter CJ Miles to knock down some big time shots this season, expect him to carry the load at the Small Forward position as he has big shoes to fill with DeMarre Carroll gone to Brooklyn.

Big win for the Toronto Raptors lets see if they can carry this momentum in the last game of the pre season against the new look Chicago Bulls team. Fans can be proud of this as this Raptors team spanked the Pistons 116-94.