By: Amanda Raifman

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

This past Sunday I went out to Detroit, Michigan to watch the Smack Down branded Pay Per View Hell In A Cell.

It is always different when you are watching live, as opposed to on TV. You don't get to hear any commentary, and you really get caught up with the crowd. The crowd at the Little Caesars Arena (which is one beautiful arena), was on fire. It was such good energy, they were loud, they were engaged and there was only one moment of CM Punk chants.

The arena wasn't completely sold out, which was a bit shocking to me, given the huge calibre of the two Hell in a Cell matches, I thought that would be draw enough.

Ultimately, I would assume the lack of attendance has to do with the holder of the Championship belt. Shinsuke Nakamura is my favourite wrestler right now, and it saddened me that I wasn't interested at all in this match, solely because he was facing Jinder.

This PPV was great, the highs over shined the couple of low moments. The big matches delivered on every level, and were nothing short of extraordinary.

Kick Off Match

As I predicted, Gable & Benjamin won. I loved seeing them come out in matching ring gear and getting a new entrance song. The match itself was typical kick off type match. The Hype Bros continued to lose their hype, while Gable & Benjamin put on a fantastic performance together.

Tag Team Championship - Hell in a Cell Match

What a perfect opening to this PPV! That ominous music hit, the cell started to lower and my heart started pumping.

You could honestly feel the energy pumping throughout the arena during this match. Both teams were electric. We saw a new side to the New Day, especially when they trapped Jey in the corner with kendo sticks and went to town on him. It wouldn't be long before the Usos got their revenge. They chained Xavier and hit him like a unicorn piƱata. I could feel those hits from my seat.

I predicted The Usos would win and I was right. While the flipping of the belts happens so often, the win was exciting but was lacking authenticity.

Orton vs Rusev

This was one of the low matches, it was slow, there was a lack of chemistry between the two superstars

I definitely predicted Rusev to win, seeing as how he needs it more than Orton, but that wasn't the case. I guess they're still mad he cut his hair.

Highlight of the match, Orton escaping the Accolade to land the RKO.

United States Championship - Triple Threat Match

I was so excited they added Dillenger to this match. They should have done that from the beginning, instead of a couple hours before the actual match.

At the beginning of the match we saw Styles & Dillinger team up to try and take down Corbin. The alliance would very quickly dissolve and soon the two were trading blows.

There were a bunch of good spots throughout the match. I swear, every time I see Styles do the phenomenal forearm is like I'm watching it for the first time.

Dillinger added to the mix still wouldn't have changed my prediction, I thought Corbin deserved the win and would like to see a different look holding the belt. His size could bring in some bigger stars and take the US championship in new directions.

Women's Championship Match

This match, sadly, was my least favourite of the night. I had a lot of high hopes for these ladies given their history and the amount of talent these two have.

I felt it lacked creativity and chemistry. Within the first couple minutes, both women went for their submission moves and failed.

The match however made Natalya look like a technical master. She seemed to dominate Flair throughout most of the match, specifically targeting her left leg.

I predicted Flair to win, mostly because I'm a huge fan, and the WWE seems to love to ping pong the titles around. While Flair won the match due to Natalya getting disqualified for using a chair, she remains SD Women's Champ...for now.

WWE Championship Match

I had zero hope for this match from the moment it was announced. Jinder's title reign has been way too long. This is a situation where they are trying to use the title to elevate the wrestler, whereas normally the wrestler elevates the title.

The loudest reaction from the crowd was when the Singh Brothers got thrown out of the match, and for that moment the crowd thought, maybe just maybe, Shinsuke has a chance of winning.

I predicted Nakamura to win, because I can't bring myself to ever pick Jinder. He missed the Kinshasa and caught Nakamura with Khallas, and that was the end of that. He got a clean pin without the help of the Singh Brothers.

Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler

I was excited for this match, mostly for the entrances. With Ziggler's new gimmick, I thought he would come out to someone's theme music, I thought it might even be CM Punk, but instead he came out to his music, cut it and just walked out to black screens and no music.

Roode made his PPV debut and it was nothing but glorious.

He got the win as I predicted. Which should also made a part of Ziggler's gimmick, he's good at losing. Roode's celebration was short lived. After a quick roll up win, Ziggler would attack Roode and leave.

Roode's win is an easy transition now for him to become a heel, which I think he is way better off portraying.

Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens - Hell in a Cell - Falls Count Anywhere

Hands down the match of the night! When I think of Hell in a Cell matches, one of the first people that comes to mind is Shane McMahon. He is almost synonymous with leaping off the cage.

Right from the get go this match was fast paced, high intensity and emotional. There was nothing these two weren't willing to risk for this match.

Once inside the cage, Owens took control. He assaulted Shane with the steel steps, and grinded his face along the cage in front of his kids.

Owens would set up a table to do the running cannon ball, only to miss. Still somewhat conscious, Shane would pick up half of the broken table and beat Owens with it.

Cue the garbage can, and one of my favourite moves, Shane going Coast-to-Coast and nailing Owens with the garbage can.

Shane proceeded to grab bolt cutters and exit the ring, which everyone then knew what would eventually happen.

Owens had Shane lying on a table and started climbing the cage. Once up there, he hesitated a little too long and Shane would start climbing and join him on top of the cage. They exchanged blows, and while they were up there, I'm pretty sure I forgot to breathe. KO hit Shane with a pop up power bomb and I thought this is it, he's going through the cage like Mankind. Luckily the cage stayed intact and they continued their beat down.

Half way down the cage Shane would knock Owens off and through an announce table.

If you thought Shane would be satisfied with that, boy think again. He continued his assault and set Owens up on another announce table, looked up and started his climb.

The entire crowd took a gasp when Shane did his famous cross and jumped from the top of the cell.

Swerve of the century, Sami Zayn pulled KO from the table, saving him from Shane's fall. With referees and medical personnel attending to Shane, no one was going for the cover. Zayn grabbed Owens, pulled him on top of Shane and threw a referee to count.

A confused Owens was helped out of the ring, while a battered Shane was rolled out on a stretcher; thankfully he gave a thumbs up as he was going up the ramp.

Tuesday will definitely be worth watching just to find out the reason behind Zayn's actions.

All in all a solid PPV, definitely my favourite one this year. Looking forward to seeing what big plans they will have going into Survivor Series in November.